April 17, 2020

Plan and cook scrumptious bowls of soup for your whole family, explore fruits and vegetables in your kitchen with all 5 Senses, find out what it’s like to be a Food Critic, enjoy DC’s beautiful spring blooms, and make robots, decorated tin cans, and mandalas out of anything you find in your recycle bin. 

Soup Bowls

A step-by-step plan & recipe template for kids to cook scrumptious soup bowls for their families

> Kids: In the last edition of FoodPrints Anywhere, you learned how to plan dinner for your whole family by making Delicious Dinner Bowls. Well, now you can impress them again by planning and cooking Scrumptious Soup Bowls! Just make sure an adult helps you at the stove top! Learn how to make Scrumptious Soup Bowls for your whole family!


Activities for Kids in the Kitchen:

> 5 Senses Fruits & Veggies Taste Test (Younger Elementary Students)
What do apple slices or carrot sticks (or any fruit on vegetable you have on hand) taste, smell, look, feel, and sound like? (Yes, sometimes fruits and vegetables make sounds… CRUNCH!). Try out this activity with this handy worksheet.

> Become a Food Critic! (Older Elementary Students)
The job of a Food Critic is to eat (we are serious!), and then write about the food for newspapers, magazines, websites, and social media. Food Critics are great writers because they use all 5 Senses to describe the food they eat! You can work on developing this skill by practicing with fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. You can become a Food Critic using this worksheet.

Spring Blooms All Around Us

Right now, there are blooming flowers high up in the trees, in yards and gardens, and even in the grass. Our FoodPrints Teacher, Ms. Rebecca, took beautiful photographs of spring blooms around the city! Enjoy all of her amazing photos here.

Note to parents: How can your family enjoy spring blooms in D.C. using Ms. Rebecca’s photographs?  

  1. Looking at these photographs of spring blooms on your phone or computer can be a great way to relax and meditate. Noticing the shapes, colors, and sizes of the blooms, and imagining what they smell and feel like is a nice, quiet activity for a child or adult.
  2. If you go out on a walk and bring your phone, you can download the Spring Blooms All Around Us document or screenshot parts of it and search for spring blooms in your neighborhood, like a scavenger hunt!  If you have a printer, you can print this document (or parts of it) and carry it with you on a walk. You can make a check mark next to the name of the blooms that you find.

Recycle Bin Art Projects

Mail Delivery Robot

Take out your recycling bin and find a few empty cardboard boxes if you have any available.

Rinse off any leftover food/other remnants and dry with a cloth.

Using the recycled materials, make signs, sculptures, musical instruments, wind chimes, and even robots.

All you need is a pair of scissors and some tape!



Click photo to enlarge


Decorated Tin Cans

Decorated Tin Cans

You can make your own decorated tin can.

You can use it to store your special treasures, pencils and pens, or even your favorite crackers.

All you need is an aluminum can, an old magazine or an old calendar, and a pair of scissors and some tape.




Click photo to enlarge


Mandalas out of Anything

Mandalas out of Anything

A mandala is a circular pattern that you can make with any materials that are available to you!

You can make a mandala out of materials in your recycle bin, items you find around your house (a toy mandala!), materials you find in nature (grass, twigs, sticks), you can even make a mandala with your food before you eat it (a snack mandala!).

The unique thing about a mandala is that you can take your time making it (it should feel relaxing), and when you are ready to be done, you can take it apart and start all over again.

Reduce Food Waste @ Home

Reduce Food Waste @ Home: Week 1: How much food waste in one week?

There’s still time to create your team and sign up! Then use these resources:

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