There are many ways to get involved in FRESHFARM farmers markets! In addition to our network of Mid-Atlantic farmers and producers who sell products at the market, we also welcome local businesses, nonprofits, chefs, food educators, and performers to join us at market to engage with the FRESHFARM community.

FRESHFARM Dupont Market

Sell at Market

Farmers and producers are the heart of our farmers markets. Each year, we invite growers and food producers from across the Mid-Atlantic region to apply to sell at our network of markets in the DC metro area. Our markets are producer-only, meaning every business selling products is growing or making their products themselves. We also require that farmers grow their products locally (within 200 miles of DC) and producers source as many of their ingredients as possible from local farmers.

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Market Sponsors & Community Partners

While the primary focus of our markets is to provide direct-to-consumer retail opportunities to local farmers and producers, we also offer space to local businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to engage with our shoppers at market. Market Sponsors and Community Partners are invited to join our farmers markets to promote their business or organization, connect with potential new clients or volunteers, and amplify their work to our community of market shoppers and neighbors.

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Chef at Market

Our markets are all about local food, and we love welcoming people to the market who know how to make local produce delicious! We invite local chefs, restaurateurs, cookbook authors, educators, nutritionists, and other culinary creatives to market to demonstrate and sample simple recipes that utilize seasonal and locally available market products. The Chef at Market program is a wonderful opportunity to introduce customers to new recipes and ways to prepare market ingredients. In addition to offering recipe samples, Chef at Market participants may promote their restaurant or services.

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Performers at Market

Market performers help make our farmers market spaces more vibrant, fun, and enjoyable community spaces. We love bringing local musicians, storytellers, jugglers, and other performers to the market  — and our shoppers love it, too! We offer busking and limited paid opportunities for performers at at many of our markets.

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Market Rules

As a private nonprofit organization, FRESHFARM has the right to implement rules to ensure our farmers markets are safe and prosperous. Everyone who enters the market’s permitted space is required to comply with FRESHFARM’s market rules and code of conduct.

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