Market Share

The 2020 Market Share will start in summer 2020. Sign-ups will open in June. We will email all past customers when sign-ups are available.

The Market Share is our local food subscription program open to anyone and everyone with fruits and veggies from our market vendors - plus, additions from other specialty producers.

How the FRESHFARM Market Share works

  • Sample the Market: Every week, you’ll receive fruits and veggies from our market vendors. Plus, additions from other specialty producers throughout the season.
  • Taste the Seasons: Never miss a beet (or a berry!) when you join the Market Share. Being a member ensures you get a taste of every seasonal favorite.
  • Try Eggs, Dairy, and More: Add sustainably raised proteins to your produce bag and get the incredible quality and flavor of pastured meats, eggs, and dairy.
  • Discounts for residents facing food insecurity: Families who rely on SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) and WIC (supplemental nutrition assistance for Women Infants and Children) are able to purchase Market Share bags at a 75% discount. We also deliver subsidized Shares to childcare centers and apartment buildings across the city. Plus, the Market Share is the only CSA to offer delivery for seniors for whom getting to the market can be challenging. 
  • Eat Well, Do Better: When you join the Market Share, you’re not only taking healthy food home, you’re helping bring food to families facing food insecurity. When you select “+Social Impact Share” at sign up, you can put a portion of your payments toward advancing food equity.

Stay tuned for Market Share sign ups.

Learn more about sign up, policies, perks, and locations of the Market Share

Market Share in 2019


CSA bags distributed primarily to high-need institutions and neighborhoods


Savings for low-resource families


Revenue for regional farmers