Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When and where are your markets?
    We operate nearly 30 markets in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, representing farmers and producers from across the Mid-Atlantic region. View full schedule of our markets.
  2. It’s raining/snowy/windy/a holiday. Are your markets open?
    Our markets are open no matter the weather! If conditions are truly dangerous, we will always announce a market closure on our website and social media. We are open all holidays except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  3. Can I use my nutrition benefits at your markets?
    Yes! Visit the Market Info tent at market or read our Food Access and Nutrition Benefits page for more information.
  4. Can I use my credit card at your markets?
    Yes! Almost all of our farmers and producers accept credit cards, and some prefer it to cash. It’s best to check with individual vendors before making a purchase.
  5. Can I bring my dog to the markets?
    Well-behaved dogs are welcome at most of our markets. Please note that FRESHFARM reserves the right to ask people and their pets to leave if they are causing a disruption. Pets are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED in the Dupont market.
  6. Can I sell my product at your market?
    Are you a farmer operating in the Mid-Atlantic region (within 200 miles of DC) or a producer sourcing a majority of your ingredients from regional farms?

    You can apply to be a vendor at our markets. Learn about our competitive application process and rules for vendors.Are you a producer sourcing a majority of your ingredients from outside the Mid-Atlantic?
    Unfortunately you do not qualify for our markets, but if you are interested in increasing your local sourcing we are happy to connect you with area farmers.Are you a reseller?
    Sorry, we are strictly producers-only and only accept farmers and producers who grow or make their products themselves.

    Are you a craft vendor or artist?

    Sorry, we only permit the sale of agricultural products and foods. We make an exception for a small number of farm-based artisans who make products such as soap, lotions, and yarn made from agricultural materials they produce themselves.
  7. I’m a chef. Can I give a cooking demonstration at your markets?
    Through our Chef at Market program, we introduce new recipes and ways to use market foods at home to FRESHFARM customers. Learn more about Chef at Market and inquire about scheduling here.
  8. I’m a musician. How do I sign up to play at market? 
    We’re always looking for new acts to play at our markets! To sign up, send a short intro and a sample of your music to, and we’ll be in touch about booking you at a market. Please note that most markets performances are compensated with tips/donations only, and we have very limited power outlet access at our markets.
  9.  Can I buy a market gift certificate?
    Yes! You can buy gift certificates online. After you place your order, the FRESHFARM team will send a PDF gift certificate either to you or to your recipient. To redeem, the recipient should visit the information tent at any FRESHFARM farmers market and display their certificate. The market managers will then give the recipient market money in $1 increments that can be spent with any vendor at the market.

Farmers & Producers

  1. Are all the farmers in your markets Certified Organic?
    While our markets are producers-only and locally sourced, our vendors are not exclusively organic. Some of our farmers and producers are Certified Organic; some choose not to get certified but use organic practices; some go above and beyond what is federally required to be organic; and some use conventional practices. All of our farmers run small-scale, family farms and are very proud of the produce they grow. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to build a relationship with your farmers at market and ask them about their growing practices.
  2. What types of fruits and vegetables can I expect to find at market?
    Look at our seasonality calendar to see what’s generally in season when in the Mid-Atlantic region, and take a look at our merchant directory to see specific items that farmers and producers typically have. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that farmers will have a certain item at a certain time, but you never know what surprising or unusual item you’ll find when you show up at market!


  1. Can I bring my food scraps to compost to the market?
    We offer composting services every week at these market locations. We hope to offer more composting options at other markets soon! For a list of what is allowed for drop-off, see DC’s Food Waste Drop Off guidelines.


FRESHFARM is committed to diversity and building equitable and inclusive programs for people of all backgrounds and experiences. We do not discriminate and have established policies to ensure that our programs and our staff uphold these values. View our Civil Rights Policy.