The FRESHFARM Pop-Up Food Hub is a nonprofit food hub and food distributor with two key missions: (1) to support small- and mid-sized local farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region, especially Black and Brown farmers, in connecting with wholesale partners to grow their businesses and (2) to nourish our community, and especially those who struggle with food security, by providing them with fresh, locally grown produce at wholesale prices.

These innovative programs create positive change across the local food system: they create economic opportunities for local growers, improve food access for those in need, and strengthen our regional food economy.

We prioritize working with farmers who:

  • Grow food within 200 miles of the Washington, DC region (see map below)
  • Are considered small and mid-size
  • Are traditionally under-represented, including Black and Brown farmers, first-generation farmers, and women-owned farms
  • Share our values, including prioritizing the needs of our community, our climate and our land

We prioritize serving partners that:

  • Have traditionally been excluded from wholesale channels because their order size may not be big enough to qualify for wholesale pricing, like early child care centers, senior centers, and health clinics (see map below)
  • Are helping address issues related to systemic racism that for too long have left our Black and Brown neighbors without access to reliable and affordable local produce
  • Believe that buying local food supports our farmers, our food system, and our community

We sell produce in two ways:

  • Wholesale: Partners can place bulk wholesale orders through us. We aggregate the produce from our network of small and mid-sized local farmers and deliver it to you at wholesale pricing, with no markups, and for a $5 delivery fee. Learn more.
  • Household: Individuals and families can join our Market Share, which is similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. This weekly fruit and veggie subscription program is flexible and is a great way to enjoy an abundant variety of the best local food. Learn more.

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To learn more about this innovative model and how it works, please read the 2023 Pop-Up Food Hub Case Study.

In 2023, the Pop-Up Food Hub generated $600K for 37 small- and mid-sized farmers and food producers and delivered fresh, nutritious produce to 37 partner organizations and our FoodPrints partner schools.

These maps help to visualize in Pop-Up Food Hub’s role in fueling the local food economy, strengthening a short supply chain, connecting underserved communites with nutritious food, and creating a more resilient and equitable regional food system.

Total amount of food purchased from local small to mid-sized farms in the Washington DC metro region Farms Supplying Local Produce for the Pop-Up Food Hub's Main Programming Farms Supplying the Local Grain for the Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand Farms Supplying Local Food for the FRESHFARM-to-Restaurant Program Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia 200-mile radius of Washington, DC


Pop-Up Food Hub 2023 Impact

Revenue for Farmers

Local food procurement resulted in more than $600K in revenue for the local small- and mid-sized farmers in our network.

Wholesale Orders

67% of the wholesale orders we fulfilled went to partners serving vulnerable communities in the Washington, DC region.

Black & Brown Farmers

Of the 37 farmers we work with, 24% identify as Black and/or Brown. 66% of total 2023 revenue went to their farms.