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For Information and Questions

For questions about markets, please see our Markets directory or contact

For questions about selling at our markets (for farmers and producers), please see our Sell At Market page, or contact Mazat Guarcax, Farmer & Producer Engagement Coordinator.

For questions about participating in markets as a Community Partner or Market Sponsor (i.e. NOT a farmer or producer), contact Molly Scalise, Deputy Director of Communications.

For questions about the Pop-Up Food Hub or Market Share, please see our Pop-Up Food Hub section or Market Share page, or contact Sebastian Muenchrath, Pop-Up Food Hub Senior Manager.

For questions about FoodPrints, please see our FoodPrints section or contact Jennifer Mampara, Director of Education.

For questions about food access programs, please see our Food Access page or contact Nick Stavely, Director of Incentive Programs.

For information about supporting FRESHFARM, please go to Support Us or contact Joni Celiz, Development Director.

For media requests, please contact Juliet Glass, Director of Communications.

For questions about vendor reimbursements, please contact Steven Alvarado, Senior Accountant.

For frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs.