Wherever you find FRESHFARM, you will also find food education. Whether food education takes place in a FoodPrints classroom, at an Early Childhood Education center, the farmers market, a community center, or a virtual cooking class, our approach is the same: create joyful, accessible, hands-on experiences with fresh, local foods that empower eaters of all ages to become engaged food citizens.


Since 2005, FRESHFARM FoodPrints has built positive relationships with nutritious food to help sustain minds, bodies, and the world around us. We provide joyful, hands-on opportunities for thousands of children in public elementary schools across Washington, DC, to grow local crops in school gardens, cook and eat delicious food together in kitchen classrooms, and learn science and math by studying food. Our school partnerships are long-lasting, and students participate for many years. Over time, exciting, positive experiences growing, cooking, eating, and studying nutritious food together transform how students relate to what they eat and to our environment. FoodPrints is empowering the next generation of food citizens.

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Community Engagement

FRESHFARM is building a food system that prioritizes traditionally marginalized communities by integrating their lived experiences in everything we do and equipping them to be active participants in the food system. Residents are empowered to shape the food system by sharing their needs and solutions with decision-makers. FRESHFARM hires from the communities we serve and gives staff ownership and agency over program design. In one year, we trained seven residents as Food Educators that provided training and technical assistance to more than 500 childcare providers, as well as food and nutrition education to shoppers at our farmers markets and farm stands.

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The FRESHFARM recipe library contains over 250 simple, delicious recipes that feature seasonal, local produce and pantry items from the Mid-Atlantic region. The collection includes FoodPrints recipes, which are family-friendly dishes featured in FoodPrints classes across DC; and Market recipes, which include recipes from local chefs, favorites from our staff’s home kitchens, and a few options for the more advanced or adventurous cook. Explore the recipe library by type of dish, or use the search function to quickly find your favorite recipes.

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Produce 101

FRESHFARM’s Produce 101 directory features more than 30 types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs commonly found at Mid-Atlantic farmers markets. Explore Produce 101 and search and sort produce by type and season to learn about each item’s appearance, how to store it, and how to prep it. For many items, we have short, easy-to-follow how-to videos and simple recipes.

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My three kids come home begging me to cook the same things they made in FoodPrints!

It’s critical that this kind of program gets into schools, across the city, regardless of the economic status of the neighborhood, and that it is sustained.

We harvest, cook, plant, and write in your journal. We learn about the environment, nutrition, food, and recycling. And the best part - COOKING and EATING!