Market Rules

As a private nonprofit organization, FRESHFARM has the right to implement rules to ensure our farmers markets are safe and prosperous. Everyone who enters the market’s permitted space is required to comply with FRESHFARM’s market rules as outlined below. Anyone that demonstrates behavior considered threatening or disruptive to market operations will be asked to leave at the discretion of market management. Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate suspension or expulsion from the market space.

  1. Customers, vendors, and market staff may not participate in activities within the market space that impedes or disrupts ongoing market operations.
  2. Disruptive behaviors, threats, or any acts of violence will not be tolerated.
  3. Language that disrupts market operations will not be tolerated. Examples include shouting, berating, cursing, etc.
  4. Signs and flyers are not permitted to be displayed or distributed within the market space unless approved by market management.
  5. While elected officials are permitted to engage with their constituents at markets, campaigning for political candidates is strictly prohibited due to our 501(c)(3) status.
  6. Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated.
  7. Firearms and other weapons are not welcome.
  8. Dogs must have the ability to walk through the market without lunging, barking excessively, or jumping on others.
  9. Bicyclists, rollerbladers, rollerskaters, skateboarders, and others using wheeled recreational accessories or vehicles must dismount in the market space.