Code of Conduct for Market Sponsors, Community Partners, Market Performers, and Chef at Market

FRESHFARM farmers markets are first and foremost a space for Mid-Atlantic farmers and food producers to sell local products. All market vendors must apply to attend the market and be approved by FRESHFARM at the start of each season.

If you would like to participate in the market and are NOT a farmer or producer, you MUST apply to participate as a Market Sponsor, Community Partner, Performer, or Chef at Market and be approved by FRESHFARM. If you have not applied to participate in the market, you may not set up a table or booth in the market space. 

  • We strive to make market spaces welcoming, inclusive, and safe spaces for everyone. Participants in FRESHFARM markets must present themselves in a manner that upholds the standards and values of FRESHFARM. Anyone who demonstrates behavior considered threatening or disruptive to market operations will be asked to leave at the discretion of market management.
  • Tent and table are NOT included in market booking for Market Sponsors, Community Partners, or Performers. Tents are provided for Chefs at Market. If you choose to use a tent at market, you must attach 25 pounds of weight securely to each tent leg.
  • Market Sponsors, Community Partners, and Chefs at Market are restricted to promotional and educational activities only. Participants may not sell any products or merchandise at the farmers market.
  • Participants may not actively fundraise or solicit donations at the farmers market. However, you may direct market shoppers to where they can learn more if they would like to support your work. Performers may collect tips for busking performances.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO campaigning for elected office or partisan issues is permitted at the market.
  • Walking solicitations, petition signature collection, flyering, and similar activities are not allowed in the market space. If you would like to be able to promote your organization or cause in the market, please apply to be a Community Partner to reserve a booth space.
  • Market Performers may not perform content that portrays violent or sexual imagery, profane or offensive language, or political or religious songs or messaging.
  • If you would like to offer food samples to attract market customers, we strongly encourage you to source this food from market vendors. Any food samples given away MUST NOT compete with farmers and producers selling at the market location.
    • FOR MARKET SPONSORS: If you would like to sample a product from your business, this MUST be pre-approved by FRESHFARM.
    • FOR COMMUNITY PARTNERS: If you would like to offer free food, this MUST be pre-approved by FRESHFARM. If food items are homemade or not produced in a commercial kitchen, they must be labeled as such.
    • FOR CHEF AT MARKET: recipes and samples offered at the market will be agreed upon in collaboration with FRESHFARM in advance.
    • If you are interested in procuring products from FRESHFARM market vendors to give away at the market, we are happy to connect you with vendors in our network.
  • If participants are unable to attend a scheduled market date, FRESHFARM requires notice 24 hours in advance of the start of market. If no notice is given, participants are not guaranteed an opportunity to reschedule missed market dates. Please email your FRESHFARM point of contact and CC to cancel a market date.
  • FRESHFARM is a rain, shine, or snow organization and makes every effort to keep our markets open in inclement weather. In the case of inclement weather, market will continue as scheduled unless expressly stated by FRESHFARM. If participants are not able to attend market due to weather, please let us know 24 hours in advance so we may plan accordingly.