Springtime Garden Tour

Watch this video and try to find: 2 blueberry bushes, 1 rosemary bush, a plant that has been chomped on by rabbits, collard greens, and weeds.

See what a school garden looks like during late March, early April.

Grow seeds at home using what you have

Can’t get to the hardware store or garden center to buy seeds? Take a look in your refrigerator, pantry, and spice collection and you might find some fun things to plant.

Grow seeds from items in your cupboard & fridge

Spring Blooms All Around Us

In the springtime, there are blooming flowers high up in the trees, in yards and gardens, and even in the grass. Look at the photographs below to enjoy D.C.’s beautiful springtime blooms!

Study springtime flowers growing all around you

Grow a Veggie Forest

Use vegetable scraps to grow a Veggie Forest in your kitchen! All you need are vegetable scraps that have some stems and greens remaining on them (such as the top of a carrot, beet, radish, or turnip), water, and a baking dish.

Grow a garden using veggie scraps (from Old Farmer’s Almanac)

Become a Botanist

A Botanist is someone who studies plants. By tracking the growth of your seeds, you can build some of the same skills that Botanists use every day.

Track the growth of seeds that you plant

Grow Your Own: Microgreens and sprouts in your own kitchen

Did you know you could grow nutrient-packed mini plants on your windowsill in a week? Almost any kind of seeds will work, though some grow faster (and have more vitamins and other nutrients) than others.

Grow and care for tiny nutrient-packed plants called microgreens

Caring for Plants at Home

Believe it or not, humans and plants aren’t that different! Just like we can take care of our bodies by choosing to eat whole grains when we can, we can care for our plants with simple steps.

Care for plants with sun, soil, water, air, and love

Making Seed Cups

Skip the trip to the store, you can make planters for seeds with materials you have at home.

Use materials in your recycle bin to plant and grow seeds

Seed Sprouting Experiment

You can search for seeds in your pantry and set up an experiment to see which ones will germinate (sprout). You can try dry beans, popcorn, rice, and whole spices. 

Try a simple, at-home gardening experiment