Discover Ingredients in Soil - Younger Elementary

Healthy Soil is a living, breathing organism that is the foundation of all life on Earth. Healthy soil is made up of many different ingredients that soil scientists and farmers study to help them grow healthy plants.

Explore different ingredients in your soil sample

Observe Living and Non Living Things in Soil - Older Elementary

You have been given the task of describing soil to a visitor from another planet so that they can bring it back to their home and grow all the wonderful things that we grow on Planet Earth.

Observe the living and nonliving things in your soil sample

Soil Separation Experiment

You only need 3 materials: a half cup of soil, one cup of water, and a cup or jar.  Combine soil with water in a cup or jar, stir it up, and wait for just a little while. After waiting, you will see that the soil has separated into layers that show the different materials that it is made of.

Soil separation experiment

Decomposition Guessing Game

Decomposition is the organic process of rotting, where plant and animal matter is broken down and decays as a result of bacterial and fungal activity. From bananas to diapers to Styrofoam, how long does it take for these things (and more!) to decompose?

Play a decomposition guessing game

Seed Math

You can use seeds (or any small snack such as cheerios, raisins, or grapes) to practice solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. This is a fun and edible way to sharpen your math skills!

Solve math problems with seeds