Eat the Rainbow

Do you know that there are many health benefits to eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors? We call this “Eating the Rainbow.” Try our Eat the Rainbow activities:

> Learn about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables of each color of the rainbow and then create a rainbow poster.

> Make a Rainbow Food Diary. At the end of every day for one week, write or draw all of the fruits and vegetables that you ate. Check out this template for you to make your own Food Diary. At the end of the week, tally up how many different colors of the rainbow you enjoyed.

Learn the health benefits of fruits and vegetables and create a rainbow poster Download our Rainbow Food Diary template

5 Senses Taste Test

What do apple slices or carrot sticks (or any fruit or vegetable you have on hand) taste, smell, look, feel, and sound like? (Yes, sometimes fruits and vegetables make sounds… CRUNCH!)

Use your 5 Senses to learn about fruits and vegetables in your kitchen

Become a Food Critic

The job of a Food Critic is to eat (we are serious!) and then write about the food for newspapers, magazines, websites, and social media. Food Critics are great writers because they use all 5 senses to describe the food they eat! You can work on developing this skill by practicing with fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

Guide to becoming a Food Critic

Family Food Traditions - Younger Elementary

Rice is cooked and eaten by people all around the world. Across the globe, people have their own traditions around eating rice. How does your family eat rice?

Draw and write about your family’s traditions

Family Food Traditions - Older Elementary

Rice is cooked and eaten by people all around the world. Find out from a family member if your family has a special rice recipe or food tradition

Interview someone special to you to learn about their favorite way of eating rice.

What are Whole Grains?

On food packages in your house, you may see the words “100% Whole Grain.” Have you ever wondered what this means? Our guide will help you learn all about Whole Grains, what they are, and how they help our bodies stay strong and healthy.

Guide to whole grains

Whole Grain Detective

Food packaging makes the food inside seem more nutritious than it actually is. You can investigate the ingredients in packaged foods you find at home to see which have the most nutritious ingredients. Be a detective in your own kitchen to see if food companies are telling you the whole truth about whole grains.

Become a Whole Grain Detective

Cooking at Home - Kid Safe Knives

In FoodPrints, we use child-safe, hard plastic, serrated chef knives. When you are cooking at home, you may not have the same type of knives we use in FoodPrints. Don’t sweat it, we have recommendations for you.

Read about a variety of options for involving your young children in the kitchen in a safe and enjoyable way.