The FRESHFARM Pop-Up Food Hub (PUFH) works directly with the small- and mid-sized farmers in our network to aggregate and deliver local produce, at wholesale prices with no markup, to our partners in the Washington DC region so that their clients have access to the healthy, local produce they need to thrive. Twenty-five percent of the farmers we source from identify as Black and Brown, and 29% are first-generation farmers.

Why is it better to buy produce from us?

We are your partner, not just another food vendor:

We work with you to select the right produce, based on your budget, needs, taste preferences, and availability. If you are buying produce for senior citizens who can’t carry a watermelon, no problem. If you are buying “first foods” for infants to serve at their child care center, we can handle it.

Your dollars go farther:

When you buy produce through us, your dollars are going directly back to the small and mid-sized farmers in our network. In addition to getting tasty local produce, you are supporting our local farmers. We pay them the prices they ask for for the food they grow. We don’t charge a markup, and we don’t take a cut. We charge a minimal $5 delivery fee, regardless of order size.

You are getting fresher (and tastier!) produce with fewer hands and machines handling it:

Most of the produce we offer is picked within days of delivery. This shorter supply chain means tastier, more nutritious food and instead of sitting on a truck or plane to ripen, the produce is picked and sent to you. It’s better for the environment, better for the local food system, and better for your health.

There are two primary ways wholesale partners can work alongside us: 


Partners can place bulk orders for local produce at wholesale prices directly with FRESHFARM. There is no minimum order size, and we can work with a wide range of budgets. Bulk orders are great for meal preparation, food pantries, and special events. In addition, some of our partners buy in bulk and then “pop up” their own farm stand for their community members.


FRESHFARM can pre-pack produce bags with a selection of local, seasonal produce, at wholesale prices, based on your budget.  Bags are delivered directly to community partners. This is a great model if you’d like to provide packed produce bags to community members, churchgoers, volunteers, or patients.

We are always eager to add more Pop-Up Food Hub partners to our roster. If you’d like to procure local produce, at wholesale prices with no mark-up and no minimum order size, please complete this form.

We love working with other food hubs! To help offset our administrative costs, we add a 10% fee to these orders. We appreciate your support and understanding.