We know that individuals and families want to support our local food system, so we offer a Market Share program, which runs from Spring through Fall. By joining this program, you’ll receive a hand-packed bag of seasonal fruit and veggies from our network of small- and mid-sized farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Because we believe everyone deserves access to local produce, we offer this program at two price points: retail and at a discounted rate for our neighbors who are paying with their SNAP/EBT benefits. Bags can be picked up at select FRESHFARM Markets and community sites, or delivered to your home if you live in DC.* You can select your bag size (Personal or Family size) and frequency of pick-ups.

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*We offer very limited spots for delivery and prioritize our neighbors with mobility issues. 

Why should you choose our Market Share program? 

You can meet the farmers who grow your food:

When you pick up your Market Share at select FRESHFARM farmers markets, you can chat with the farmers who grew your food, ask for recipe ideas, and enjoy the farmers market vibe.

Your support goes directly to local farmers in our region:

As a Market Share customer, you are helping support the small- and mid-sized farmers in our network, many of whom identify as Black and Brown, first-generation, and/or women. By aggregating produce from these farmers, we offer you a seasonal variety that supports many local farmers at once.

Your dollars align with your values:

Spending money with FRESHFARM helps support our mission and advances our commitment to building a more equitable, vibrant, sustainable, and resilient food system in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We also offer an optional add-on Grain Shares by partnering with Common Grain Alliance to promote grain production in our region. The Mid-Atlantic Grain Share is a weekly curated selection of grains, pasta, grits, rice, and much more. You can add on the Grain Share to your weekly Market Share.

Please consider donating to help our neighbors struggling with food insecurity participate in the Market Share program. To donate a Share, please click here.

Sign up for the 2024 FRESHFARM Market Share

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