FoodPrints Curriculum

Planning Tools

Our tools help you plan for implementing the FoodPrints curriculum in your own setting


Learn how we approach learning in the FoodPrints Curriculum

Scope & Sequence

What students learn at each grade level in the FoodPrints Curriculum (pdf)

Themes Guide

Our 63 lessons organized in 9 food and garden education themes (pdf)

How Educators are Using the Curriculum

Learn about the many implementations of the FoodPrints curriculum: immersive, STEM focus, themed units, and enrichment for out of school time.

Consulting and Professional Development

We are committed to supporting your school and program in implementing the FoodPrints Curriculum. Please contact our FoodPrints Program Manager & Instructional Coach, Hannah Schiff (, to connect with a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you make FoodPrints your own and learn more about our professional development packages.