FoodPrints Curriculum

Our interdisciplinary FoodPrints elementary food and garden education curriculum is aligned with national and DC standards, and integrates our “Grow, Cook, Eat, Learn” model in 63 hands-on lessons vertically aligned to seasons and 9 key themes.

Read our Curriculum Guide, see standards alignment in our Scope and Sequence, view vertical alignment in our 9 themes, see adaptations for virtual learning, or search all lessons.

All Lessons

Sample Lessons

Access three full lessons here to view the structure, depth, alignment, and versatility of our curriculum.

How to Access Our Curriculum

To access full versions of our 63 standards-based themed lessons by grade level, please register with us. Once you are registered, you will be able to download the full lesson PDFs on each lesson page.

Note: Currently, the Curriculum is in a limited release, with Pre-K through 3rd grade lessons available.

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