Interdisciplinary, standards-based, elementary food and garden education curriculum

The FoodPrints curriculum is designed to be taught throughout the school year across grades from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. Interdisciplinary lessons are sequenced according to seasonal topics and adaptable for a range of uses from embedded programming, to supplementing classroom education or virtual/hybrid learning. All 63 lessons integrate core academic areas (science, language arts, math, social studies) and are aligned with national science, ELA, and math standards as well as local DC standards.

The curriculum was written by a team of teachers over 10 years and tested with thousands of DCPS elementary students. Read more about the authors, funders, and process for the FoodPrints curriculum development.

The curriculum is in use in more than 20 schools in DC and elsewhere across the country. Read testimonials from educators using the FoodPrints curriculum.

Developed and Tested Over Time By DC Teachers and Students


Developed by teachers and tested over 10 years with thousands of students at 15 DC public elementary schools


63-lesson, year long, PK-5th grade food and garden education curriculum aligned to national and DC standards

Core content areas

Interdisciplinary approach that integrates science, math, ELA, social studies, and health content, and is adaptable for a range of uses

Lesson Features

  • Seasonally-aligned lessons span the school year for each grade level: Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade (9 lessons per grade; 63 lessons total)
  • Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core ELA and Common Core Math standards
  • Aligned with local DC standards in health, environmental literacy, and early learning
  • Integrates core academic areas (science, language arts, math, social studies)
  • Engages students in garden-based investigations and preparation of seasonal recipes made with produce that can be grown and harvested from school gardens
  • Includes a literacy focus highlighting Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening skills
  • Incorporates nutrition topics, cooperative learning, and social-emotional development
  • Connects high quality children’s literature texts to deepen content knowledge

Flexible Uses

The FoodPrints Curriculum is flexible and scalable, allowing it to be implemented in flexible ways: from a fully integrated model with lessons delivered monthly through in-school FoodPrints field trips by trained FoodPrints teachers to use of lessons or sections of lessons by classroom teachers to supplement and enhance their instruction.

The Welcome to FoodPrints lesson helps teachers and students establish a welcoming and safe environment for gardening and cooking at all grade levels.

Standards Alignment

FoodPrints lessons are aligned to:

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