FoodPrints Curriculum

Curriculum Package

Our full set of curriculum materials offer lessons, videos, adaptations to help you implement experiential food education to meet unique settings and goals

63 Lessons for Pre-K through 5th Grade

Free, hands-on interdisciplinary lessons for flexible use in classrooms and enrichment

Instructional Videos for Students & Educators

These high energy videos put our curriculum into action – for educators and students.

Cooking skills videos

16 videos for kids and families covering skills for preparing produce-based nutritious meals – from how to chop and peel to different kinds of cuts to how to measure ingredients

Recipe videos

Learn how to prepare produce-based meals and snacks from FoodPrints teachers – from Tuscan Kale Salad to muffins to plant part pasta

Adaptations for virtual instruction

Support for educators teaching virtual lessons on health and nutrition, plant and life science, literacy, social studies, and math with a movement-based and hands-on approach

FoodPrints Anywhere

Explore a variety of investigations, guides, and videos for learning at home or anywhere!