Within these FoodPrints themes, we offer a variety of virtual investigations that support educators teaching virtual lessons on health and nutrition, plant and life science, literacy, social studies, and math.

We emphasize a movement-based and hands-on approach that gets students up and out of their chairs and excited to learn.

Understanding Plant Parts

Great ideas for teaching virtually about plant parts & plant science

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Edible Plant Parts Sorting Game

Habitats & Life Cycles

Hands-on ideas for teaching virtually about habitats & life cycles

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Creating a Model Habitat

Soil Health

Virtual lessons that get students excited about soil

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Play a Guessing Game

What Am I?

Health & Nutrition

Unique ideas for exploring fruits & vegetables virtually

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Using Our 5 Senses at Home

Growing Food Through the Seasons

Art-based activities to teach about weather & the seasons

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Saying Goodbye to Winter Vegetables

Food Culture & Family Traditions

Drawing, writing, and talking about foods that are special to us

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Show & Tell

Edible Seeds

Conservation & Social Justice

Projects & games about protecting our planet

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Celebrate Together

Earth Month

Applying Math in the Garden & Kitchen

Teach virtually about how people use math & measurement every day

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Teach Fractions using Food

Fractions and Fairness

Food History & Technology

Engaging ideas for teaching virtually about changes over time in food and technology

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Show & Tell: Inventions