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What’s In Your Share This Week? (Spring CSA!)

May 6, 2022

Strawberries are here!

These delicate fruits are the first fruits to ripen and make their debut in the spring.

These vibrant berries are packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, making them the perfect boost of nutrients to add to yogurts, smoothies, or to snack on alone.

Like most red fruits, strawberries can help reduce your risk of heart disease so you can feel good about eating a whole pint to yourself 😉

To keep your strawberries fresher for longer, store them in a container lined with a clean towel or paper towels in the fridge.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your fruits and vegetables cooked or raw, check out the recipes below for inspiration on how to use the items in your Market Share this week:

Get all your fruits and veggies in one place with this Strawberry Kale Smoothie

Roast broccoli or try it raw with a simple Broccoli Slaw

Or, get fancy and create restaurant flavors at home with a Kale Caesar Salad or Homemade Ranch dressing

For recipes like this and more, head over to our Recipe page!

So, what’s new this week?

We’ve partnered with Common Grain Alliance to highlight and feature locally grown and milled grains. This week customers can expect to see pasta from Foggy Mountain Pasta out of Chantilly, VA.

What inspires Gabriel Key and his team at Foggy Mountain Pasta?

“We show up every day ready to use our business as a force for good; to build a more sustainable, diverse, equitable agricultural ecosystem that supports the growth of our company and our partners.”

Look for their pasta at farmers markets in DC, MD, and VA and at wine/specialty retailers in the region.

“Cavaliere Lumache”

To create the Cavaliere blend, Foggy Mountain Pasta uses organic durum flour and a mix of hard and soft winter wheat flours grown and milled by Grapewood Farm in Montross, VA, mixed with water and pasture raised eggs from Whiffletree Farms in Warrenton, VA.

Each and every ingredient is carefully selected for quality and dedication to sustainable agriculture.

For best results, store this pasta in a cool, dry location and head over to the Spring 2022 Grain Share page for cooking instructions when you’re ready to prepare it.

Looking for ways to make connections to nature and gardening at home? Read on for adaptable activities to engage your family:

Lack of space, time and money are some of the contributing factors keeping many people from growing fruits and vegetables at home.

A sunny spot inside on a window sill or outside in a yard or on a balcony are all you need to start your journey to gardening at home!

Depending on what you’d like to grow you may not even need a seed.

Head over to our FoodPrints TV page to access a video about Sprouting Seeds and Growing Clones  and learn more about how plants reproduce without seeds.


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