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Grow Cook Eat Learn with FoodPrints 

By Hannah Schiff  |  Jun. 7, 2021

The newly released FoodPrints Curriculum brings academics to life and connects students to their food

FRESHFARM FoodPrints is blazing the path of food education forward through our experiential food
education curriculum, which is now available online and free to support educators, schools, and organizations.

When you walk into a classroom using the FoodPrints Curriculum, you immediately see students engaging in joyful learning through hands-on and real world experiences of academic content. Here is some of what you’ll see:

  • Social studies is brought to life when students explore tools used to grind flour from ancient mortar and pestles to modern day electric flour mills in our lesson Changes over Time.
  • English Language Arts skills flourish as students read Jack and the Beanstalk, and then build trellises for bean plants growing in their gardens in the lesson Magic in the Garden.
  • Students practice math and measurement skills as they calculate area in order to mulch the garden paths in the Measuring for Mulch lesson.
  • Science is brought into full view as students make discoveries about pollinators flying through their school gardens in our lesson Pollinators at Work.

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Developed, tested, and refined over 10 years with thousands of DC students, the innovative FoodPrints Curriculum is based on a whole-child and interdisciplinary approach: academic learning, health and nutrition, and social emotional learning are woven through each of our 63 lessons. This approach balances academic learning with real-world experiences cooking, growing food, and working together with peers. The curriculum is flexible; educators and other users can adapt it for their own goals and needs, whether they use it as an embedded enrichment program or select investigations to extend regular classroom learning and support their students in meeting Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

By making the FoodPrints Curriculum widely available, we are enriching teaching and learning beyond our partner schools.

“We’ve heard so many people say they love FoodPrints and it is important for their school and their family. Now schools, teachers, nonprofits, and homeschooling parents can all have access to our lessons,” says Jennifer Mampara, Director of Education at FRESHFARM. “By making the FoodPrints Curriculum widely available, FRESHFARM is enriching teaching and learning beyond our partner schools.”

As a leader in experiential food education, we are proud that our curriculum is a foundation for improving health and academic outcomes in communities, as students, families, and community members join together to celebrate nutritious food and joyful learning experiences in school. Students that engage with our curriculum express excitement in learning — and demonstrate greater willingness to eat nutritious food, and greater engagement in schools.

Our network of partner schools, FoodPrints students and families, talented staff, and generous funders has supported us in making this curriculum possible. We are thrilled to share it and celebrate the possibilities for leading food education to the next level. Join us for an information session with our curriculum team to learn more.

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