Caron GremontDirector of Food System Resiliency & Innovation
Caron Gremont is the Director, Food System Resiliency & Innovation at FRESHFARM. Most recently, she served as the Director of Early Childhood at Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry, where she launched their first-ever national strategy to address food security across the U.S. in children under the age of five. Under her leadership, she secured a national partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that will ensure every pediatrician across the US is trained on how to screen for food security at wellness visits, and is part of the White House transformational vision for ending hunger and reducing diet-related disease by 2030. Prior to that, she was the Director of Healthy Eating at Martha’s Table, where she launched and scaled the Joyful Food Markets program, providing healthy food access and education each month to thousands of children and their families in Washington, D.C.  She started her career in the private sector at the global PR firm Porter Novelli, where she served as a Vice President in the Food & Nutrition practice in Washington, DC. Caron loves to cook and throws pottery in her free time.

Angela Farkas, Pop-Up Food Hub Program Manager
In February 2018, Angela quit her full-time job and transitioned from a market volunteer to a market manager. She then moved to a senior market manager position when FRESHFARM merged with Community Foodworks, and created her own position of Market Operations Officer in 2021. She joined the Pop Up Food Hub team in 2023. Growing up, Angela had the great privilege of always having a home-cooked meal. Her mom greatly valued fresh, local, and healthy food no matter how busy she was, and taught Angela to cook starting at 12. Angela’s dream is to create systems that will connect communities with their local fresh food. 

Julian Kroboth, Pop-Up Food Hub Procurement Manager
Julian manages procurement and distribution for the Pop Up Food Hub with participating producers in the FRESHFARM network. Julian has been with the Pop Up Food Hub since 2017, working with both producers and customers of local food and providing services that help both groups. Growing up in central Virginia, local agriculture was all around him, and when he moved across the country to Oregon for college he experienced much of the same, with a regional emphasis on sustainable production. Moving to DC after graduation, Julian started working at Mom’s Organic Market as a Produce Manager, and observed firsthand the challenges in our local food system. Julian is inspired by multicultural working-class solidarity and courageous empathy. Favorite market product: yellow peaches

Emily Lovejoy, Pop-Up Food Hub Procurement Manager
Emily procures produce from local farmers for distribution through the Pop Up Food Hub. She has a background in managing the production and sale of food. Her coolest jobs working in food were working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and managing a microgreens farm in Virginia. Emily has a dedicated interest in agriculture, the food supply chain, and the environment. She has a passion for healthy fresh food and helping others. Favorite market product: blueberries

Jennifer Luu, Pop-Up Food Hub Operations Manager
Jennifer joined the Pop Up Food Hub team in 2017 as a Market Share Intern. In 2019 after graduating college, she returned to Community Foodworks as both a Market Manager and a PUFH support staff member. After Community Foodworks merged with FRESHFARM, she joined the PUFH team as an Associate Operations Manager in 2020. In this role, she manages the day-to-day at-market operations and delivery logistics for the Pop Up Food Hub. Jennifer is inspired by her fellow PUFH team members’ camaraderie, empathy, and perseverance in the work that they do. Favorite market product: cherries

Sharon Shatananda, Pop-Up Food Hub Market Share Operator
Before starting at FRESHFARM as the Market Share Operator, Sharon had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the food system, from working in garden education with Crossroads Community Food Network, to selling at farmers markets, and working on farms in Virginia and DC. When she’s not at FRESHFARM, you can find Sharon in the pool or the garden! Favorite market product: sweet corn


Taryn Olander Ferguson, Pop-Up Food Hub Operations Coordinator
Taryn was motivated to join the Pop Up Food Hub by her commitment to increasing equitable access to healthy food. Her role on the operations team involves coordinating the daily logistics of at-market produce packing and deliveries. She’s constantly inspired by FRESHFARM’s vision of a resilient food local system that empowers individuals, nourishes communities, and respects the planet. Favorite market product: donut peaches


Chase Goldston, Pop-Up Food Hub Operations & Procurement Coordinator
Chase supports the set-up and operation of the Pop Up Food Hub and helps ensure that quality food is packed up and ready for delivery. He grew up around farms and agriculture and appreciates being part of an organization that improves healthy food access in DC and supports farmers. He enjoys working with people and food, and is excited to do both working with FRESHFARM! Favorite market product: garlic


Rachel London, Pop-Up Food Hub Operations Associate
Rachel previously worked as a studio assistant and production manager for a local artist which included managing fulfillment. She is excited to translate her operations experience to food distribution with the Pop-Up Food Hub. As a DMV native, it brings Rachel great satisfaction to make our food system more equitable. She particularly admires how the PUFH quite literally meets the community where it is. Favorite market product: flower bouquet

Zak Malsich, Pop-Up Food Hub Operations Associate & Procurement Coordinator
Zak is inspired to create a resilient regional foodshed that expands food access throughout urban areas while simultaneously revitalizing rural agrarian communities. After farming in California, Michigan, and Maine for several years, they pivoted to working on the distribution end of our food system by helping manage the farmers market operations for several small organic farms. This desire to build and support equitable food distribution models and a passion for logistics led Zak to join the Pop-Up Food Hub. Favorite market product: sweet corn

Raynell McClellan, Pop-Up Food Hub Operations Associate 
Raynell is a beginning homesteader working on starting a forest farm and garden. She has an educational background in environmental science with a specific interest in sustainable food systems. In recent years she has worked as a farm hand, including market garden and hydroponics-style farming. Raynell loves FRESHFARM’s mission because she believes that everyone should have access to truly nurturing food no matter their background or income. She also appreciates FRESHFARM’s commitment to working with historically disadvantaged farmers. Favorite market product: herbs and herbal products

Jude SchroderPop-Up Food Hub Operations Associate 
As a child, Jude was involved in setting up a local community garden near their house, where they observed an amazing culture of mutual aid, sharing knowledge, growing food, and cooking meals for each other. Members of the community would tend to food bank plots and donate their harvests, and Jude realized that even a small group of people can create a significant impact on the local community. As a PUFH staff member, Jude enjoys getting to know the local vendors and being immersed in community every week! Favorite market product: empanadas

Kali Boehle-Silva, Community Delivery Driver
Kali has worked in food systems and education for a long time. Markets are a place where so many members of a community come together, and Kali loves supporting farmers as they get local food to people, and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and at home at markets. Favorite market product: peaches

Hank MacDonald, Support Staff

Jack Jensen Miller, Support Staff
Jack is a hairstylist and a sculptor and loves fruits and veggies! On the Pop Up Food Hub team, Jack helps load trucks, haul crates, and pack beautiful produce bags. They have worked for FRESHFARM for two years, been vegan for seven, and loved food for 28. Jack has a huge garden of their own and builds raised beds in their studio. They also co-run an Instagram documenting weird-looking (but delicious!) food. Favorite market product: beets


Hilda Molina, Community Translator & Support Staff

Substitute Support Staff: Emilee Weiss-Rice

Substitute Community Delivery Drivers: Michael Wilkinson, Tiffany Younger