Lola Bloom, Community Education Program Manager
Lola started gardening with children in Columbia Heights in 1998. Since then, she has co-founded & co-led a garden-based nonprofit (City Blossoms); worked to implement Farm to School programming with dozens of schools and ECEs throughout DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia; built and ran a school kitchen serving over 600 (at DC Bilingual); and implemented a comprehensive Food and Wellness program at DC Bilingual. FRESHFARM’s initial co-leadership was hugely inspiring at the beginning of her career. Lola also loves shopping at farmers markets when she can. She really cares about making space for people to feel welcome, try new things, and feel good about themselves – because that’s what she wants out of life, too!

Tailor CobleTailor Coble, Food Access & Education Coordinator
As a native Washingtonian, Tailor feels compelled to give back to the city that helped make her make her who she is today. Tailor believes her city deserves to be well nourished, empowered to grow its own food, and sustainable for everyone.



Bailey Hardwick, Community Engagement & Education Coordinator
A lifelong DMV local, Bailey believes in the power of sustainability, education, and food justice as pathways to a more equitable food system for all. She values her ability to connect with her neighbors and hopes to foster more spaces where community members can feel empowered through their food.



Miki Nakano, Community Engagement & Education Coach
Miki values the connections with students she builds when teaching in school gardens and cooking with students — and how these allow for deeper conversations about sustainability, cultures, equity, and equality.



Yemiya Abdul-Hakim, Community Food Educator
Miya has experience working in a garden center and doing cooking and art workshops for community events. She also works on the FoodPrints team as a classroom assistant.

Nyeelah Briscoe, Community Food Educator
Nyeelah was first introduced to FRESHFARM as a shopper at the H Street NE market. She and her son were welcomed with open arms to learn, support, and explore at the market. Nyeelah was inspired to use her talents and skills as a trained chef and budding agricultural scientist to strengthen the relationship between people living in food deserts and quality eating.

Sherri Isaac, Community Food Educator
Growing up in DC, Sheri learned the importance of knowing how to grow and harvest her own food in her family garden. Now as a mom, she enjoys teaching her son Benjamin and daughter Chelsie about gardening, caterpillars, urban chickens, and trying new foods.

Rose Williams, Community Food Educator
As a descendent of sharecroppers, Rose was exposed to the significance of growing one’s own food and cherishing the bounties of this Earth. She is inspired by the lasting lifetime impact that an early introduction to healthy nutrition can have for children.