FoodPrints Curriculum

Exploring Food Traditions


Food Culture & Family Traditions

Standards Alignment:

Common Core ELA

Grade Level:

2nd Grade


Winter / January


The purpose of this lesson is for students to study and appreciate food traditions around the world, including their own. Students will investigate foods that are prepared in different ways around the world and choose plants to grow in an international school garden. They will also analyze the different ingredients in a FoodPrints recipe.  This lesson supports the DCPS ELA Unit Exploring Our Neighbors: Canada and Mexico and the Social Studies Unit Salad Bowl or Melting Pot: America’s Story

Big Idea

Food is an important part of culture and identity.

Guiding Questions

  • What can we learn by eating foods from different cultures?
  • How can we show appreciation of foods from different cultures?

Instructional video geared for students to support teaching this lesson