Market Share

What’s In Your Market Share This Week?

Sep. 9, 2022

Grapes are a pretty popular fruit and you might’ve recently seen them in your market share.

Color: Grapes have a varying color scheme, from the lightest of green to the darkest of purple. Anthocyanins are pigments that give grapes and other berries their red, blue and purple color.

Size: Grapes are typically similar but can vary slightly depending on variety and when they’re harvested.

Taste: Green grapes tend to have more of a sour and tangy taste. Red/ purple grapes have a more sweet taste.

  • Benefits: Contains many important nutrients including copper which assists in energy production. Also includes Vitamin K which is vital for bone health and B vitamins that are needed for growth and development.

Do you prefer sweet or sour? We have recipes for everyone’s palate:

Check out these activities that will continue the learning and exploration:


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