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FoodPrints Virtual Cooking Classes: “So Yummy!”

By Hannah Schiff  |  Jan. 10, 2022

In December, FoodPrints hosted 6 cooking classes supported by funding and pantry ingredients from Whole Foods Market, and fresh local produce from growers within the FRESHFARM network. Families that participated received all of the ingredients for the recipes and joined together with fellow families and their FoodPrints teacher for an evening of cooking, chatting, and fun.

Baking Delicious Carrot Muffins:
At SWS and Tyler elementary schools, FoodPrints teachers, Ms. Fineran and Ms. Allie, met with their students during the school day to review the carrot muffin recipe and all of the ingredients that they would be using during their afternoon virtual cooking class with their families. Students excitedly went home that afternoon prepared to bake!

Families shared positive feedback — A parent said, “Thank you so much for doing this – Jacob absolutely loved it and the muffins are delicious! What a fun activity to bring the SWS community together!” Another parent shared, “My kids had a great time and our house now smells delightful.  Thank you for doing this, what a treat!” SWS Teacher Amy Wertheimer said that the “kids arrived this morning with muffins for snacks and lots of stories. They had a blast”


Cooking Hearty Kale Quesadillas:At Langley and Burroughs elementary schools, families were thrilled to join in a cooking

class where all of the ingredients were supplied by Whole Foods. One Burroughs parent said, “Should we return this tomorrow or do we get to keep this? What?! We get to keep this? This is amazing!”

As the families were cooking the quesadillas, a father said, “I never knew that my child could help me cook before this class. I love that she can actually help chop the peppers and onions.” At Langley Elementary, students returned to school the day after the cooking class reporting that the quesadillas were “so yummy!”


Chopping Veggies for Bean & Vegetable Chili
During the chili cooking sessions at Kimball and SWWFS, students did a great job of independently chopping, measuring, and stirring. SWWFS students shared different additional veggies and spices they added to their special chili. Laith excitedly asked if he should add some chili smoked salt he found in the cupboard. Leo mentioned that he wanted to cook his chili a bit longer because he liked his carrots softer.

Dalia demonstrated how to peel garlic when Leo needed a reminder about how to do it using the side of a knife. Leo explained to Greyson how to use their can openers. About an hour after the class, FoodPrints teacher Ms. Vincent received a message from a parent saying, “Thanks!  We ate the FoodPrints chili for dinner tonight and it was delicious!”



Thank you to Whole Foods Market for supporting family-friendly cooking and providing 365 ingredients for families to cook with, including flour, spices, yogurt, muffin cups, olive oil, cheese, and canned beans. 

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