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FoodPrints Teachers Share their Views on Our Impact

Mar. 2, 2022

Every day, in their classrooms and in school gardens, FoodPrints teachers see students and school staff develop a love of outdoor spaces, excitedly taste delicious and nutritious foods, share their enthusiasm for the FoodPrints program, and cultivate lifelong memories and a love for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here is what our teachers are saying:

Mr. Nesbitt at Simon Elementary: “Through my experiences and time working at Simon as a FoodPrints teacher, hands-on experiences with food and outdoor learning through exploration are key elements to cultivating relationships in the school community and helping to make the school a warm and positive place for students and staff. In my opinion, FoodPrints has done an excellent job of creating a culture and environment that encourages students, as well as staff, at Simon to be more knowledgeable about food and more eager about being in outdoor spaces.”


Ms. Raigon at CW Harris and Garfield Elementary schools: “I think it’s important for students to have food education because consuming nutritious food is a pillar of good health and success later in life. I also think it’s important for kids to have outdoor spaces intentionally created for them to connect with nature and the environment in the same way FoodPrints gardens are. Teaching FoodPrints at Garfield has been an incredible experience, and I feel grateful to be a part of such an impactful program.”


Ms. Pimienta at Whittier and CW Harris Elementary schools: “In my second grade class, as we were cutting purple cauliflower tying it to an Indian recipe, as our lesson was discussing food around the world and the second graders are learning about continents, a student stopped me and told me, ‘I want to be a FoodPrints teacher when I grow up.’ I think it was one of my happiest moments within my job. I know FoodPrints is lifting these children’s spirits and awareness of their environment, their community and healthy decision making.”


Ms. Rose, former FoodPrints parent & Community Food Educator at Simon Elementary: “To witness pure joy of a six year old child unearth a sweet potato the size of a football that grew in the garden at their school’s garden will never fade away. My son learned his love of Brussels sprouts at FoodPrints and to this day they remain a regular item at our family dinner table years later. Now, many years later, I am working with the Simon Elementary community getting children & families interested in fresh fruit+veggies, gardening & exploring the food system from a hands-on lens.”


Our teaching team and our school partners are keys to the success of FoodPrints!

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