Senior Market Team

Rebecca ChávezDirector of Agricultural Programs
Rebecca is a food systems expert with over ten years of experience leveraging community-based and systems change within local and global agricultural supply chains. She is passionate about food sovereignty and about leveraging the joy of mealtimes to influence community engagement, local economies, public health, and our natural environment. A Mexican-American native of Washington, DC, Rebecca is motivated to collaborate with our region’s diverse and intersectional communities in co-creating a more equitable food system. She holds a Master of Public Health degree in Health Behavior from the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the UNC-Chapel Hill.

Katie Wolffe, Senior Markets Manager
Prior to joining FRESHFARM, Katie worked for seven years as the executive chef of a Maryland catering company. Through state and local government contracts she was able to see issues of food equity and access, and her desire to work in that area increased. A culinary school degree and a political science degree have led to an interest and passion for food policy, equity, and local supply chains. Eight years spent working in the grocery industry also informed her knowledge about why local food can be so difficult to get in front of consumers. Katie cultivates a vibrant front yard vegetable garden in her suburban Virginia neighborhood so that her three kids can refuse to eat locally grown vegetables right from the source. Katie’s goal is to help create and strengthen a local food system that is accessible to all and truly connects farmers and all the people who have a right to access healthy nutrition for their families. Favorite market product: Don’t get in between Katie and fresh peaches in the summer.

Angela Farkas, Market Operations Coordinator
After graduating from William and Mary in 2013, Angela worked in insurance fraud and for two years volunteered every Saturday at the Arlington farmers market as a way to relieve stress and connect with the Arlington community. She became the market manager at Arlington two years ago. Growing up, Angela had the great privilege of always having a home cooked meal. Her single mom, who was also a teacher of material engineering at Virginia Tech, greatly valued fresh, local, and healthy food no matter how busy she was, and taught Angela to cook starting at 12. Angela’s dream is to create systems that will connect good, local, and fresh food to families and communities. Favorite market product: Cowbell Kitchen olive oil cake

Mazat Guarcax, Farmer & Producer Engagement Coordinator
Before joining FRESHFARM, Mazat was a market vendor for a year at the Downtown Silver Spring and Dupont markets. He loves to be outside, especially during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. He enjoys working at market and offering great customer service. He’s so glad to be part of the FRESHFARM team! Favorite market product: greens and vegetables


Marcella Ortiz, Market Training & Development Coordinator
Marcella joined FRESHARM in 2017 as an intern for the Market Share program. From there, she became a substitute manager and eventually a full-time market manager. She has been in the food scene for over eight years and has a passion for local food and food access. Marcella is currently studying graphic design and aims to help small farms build their brands and websites. Favorite market product: Italian Veenies from Just AJ’s

Samantha Rabinek, Market Program Coordinator


Corey Snedgen, Market Personnel Manager
Corey started at FRESHFARM in 2016, where he went from intern to coordinator of FRESHFARM’s Market Share program in 2018. Over the years, he has managed several winter and full season markets. Corey joined FRESHFARM to connect with farmers and better understand where our food comes from. He has an extensive background working with produce. Previously, he has worked as a produce buyer, farm manager, and vendor for farms in Virginia and Maryland. Favorite market product: hot sauce and hot peppers

Market Managers

Raj Boya, Market Manager

Tommy Coleman, Market Manager: Dupont (Sunday), Oakton, Reston
Tommy works to provide a safe place for customers and vendors to buy and sell fresh and sustainable local foods! He is inspired by helping to promote sustainable foods and local farms. Favorite market product: Just AJ’s vegan sausages



Molly Cullen, Market Manager: Ballston, Mosaic (Sunday)


Aida Ebrahimi, Market Manager: Monroe Street
Aida was introduced to the concept of food justice during their first semester at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where they received their undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. Food access and sustainable food production became Aida’s focus, and they quickly dove into gardening, activism, and environmental education. Aida’s hope for the future is that everyone, specifically BIPOC and members of LGBTQ+ community, gain the resources and confidence to grow their own food and connect to the journey of food from soil to table. In addition to their passion for farming and food systems, Aida is an artist and an aspiring community healer leading meditation and trauma informed yoga. Favorite market product: eggplant

Hala Elbarmil, Market Manager: Mosaic (Thursday), Oakton, Reston
Hala is a Muslim-Palestinian-American. She has an Advanced Permaculture Design Certification and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. Alongside being a Market Manager at FRESHFARM, she also works as an Assistant Parkour Coach for PK Move. Supporting local farmers, food artisans, environmental justice, food justice, and sustainability are her passions. Helping farmers and food artisans be successful and increasing access to fresh and local food is a big factor in the work she does. Hala loves to hike, bike, rollerblade, garden, cook, bake, and do parkour. Favorite market product: I can’t choose just one!

Pasha Fesenko, Market Manager: Foggy Bottom
Pasha attended George Washington University and shopped the FRESHFARM Foggy Bottom market while a student. During COVID, he moved home to Providence, RI where he worked a plot at his neighborhood’s community garden. He always loved gardening as a kid, and this experience grew into a passion for great produce and better sourcing of said produce. At FRESHFARM, Pasha is happy to expand those opportunities for great local ingredients and products to as many community members as possible! Favorite market product: fennel

Anne Haynes, Market Manager: Arlington

Tiffany Letona, Market Manager: Springfield
Tiffany first started working with FRESHFARM as a volunteer at a couple Mosaic market events. After learning more about how the organization provides fresh food to the community and educates youth on healthy eating, she was inspired to find out how she could get more involved. She joined FRESHFARM as a Market Manager where she can regularly support her local markets. One of the best parts about this job is that she can be a positive role model for her two young kids showing them how you can make a difference in your community. Favorite market product: peaches

Yuval Lev, Market Manager: Mount Vernon Triangle
Yuval is originally from Haifa and lived in Rockville and Pennsylvania before moving to Foggy Bottom in 2015 (where he still lives) to study Political Communication at George Washington University. Yuval believes radical care and support for our communities is crucially important, especially regarding food equity. He’s proud to be a part of this team and work towards FRESHFARM’s mission, along with making the market enjoyable for all. You can find him playing with every customer’s dog on Saturdays at the Mount Vernon Triangle market! Favorite market product: tomatoes

Eizel Luna, Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand Manager
Eizel loves food and the way food can be the bridge through all barriers. Her career started in the kitchen as a pastry chef and transitioned into farming and eventually food rescue. As an avid traveler, food was often the only way to connect with the many people she met. This love and passion drive her exploration in food access and food justice today. When not at markets, you can find her tending to her balcony garden, foraging, or slacklining. Eizel is excited to join the FRESHFARM team in providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere to all joining the local food movement. Favorite market product: canteloupe and fresh chocolate milk (but not together!)

Ariana MacMartin, Market Manager: Penn Quarter, Monroe Street
Ariana grew up in Florida and moved to Washington, DC to study International Affairs at The George Washington University. She is passionate about environmental justice and organized with Fossil Free GW to urge the university to divest from fossil fuels. A crucial aspect of environmental justice is food equity, and Ariana is proud to connect the DMV to fresh food as a market manager. Ariana loves filmmaking and writing when she’s not managing markets. Favorite market product: sourdough bread and pickles

Allie Mannheimer, Market Manager: Downtown Silver Spring




Nick Mihailovic, Market Manager: Ballston
Nick grew up with farmers markets in Vermont. After graduating from George Washington University, Nick joined FRESHFARM as the perfect way to give back to the community and enjoy some time in the sun. Nick is always inspired to improve food access and equity in the the District and beyond. Favorite market product: DMV Empanadas

Lily Oberst, Market Manager: Mount Vernon Triangle
Lily is originally from Rochester, NY and grew up going to the public market there. When she moved to DC for undergrad at George Washington University, she was so glad to find the Foggy Bottom market right in her backyard. Lily is really excited to be working with FRESHFARM because she love farmers markets and is inspired by so many parts of the mission. Most importantly, Lily loves that we are able to work toward increasing food access while simultaneously supporting local producers. Favorite market product: Number 1 Sons kimchi

Dominique Ortiz, Market Manager: Rosslyn
Dominique was born and raised in France where she always had a vegetable garden, and her parents raised chicken, rabbits, goats, and lambs. That’s how she developed a passion for fresh and healthy food, with her mom preparing flavorful meals with homegrown vegetable and foraged items such as mushrooms and all kind of greens growing wild nearby. When she came to the US in 1986, the food culture was very different and she missed the weekly markets, fresh baked goods, and fresh produce. She is thrilled to see that we’ve come a long way since then and is proud to be able to play a little part in it with FRESHFARM. Making fresh and healthy food accessible to more people, and knowing where it comes from and how it is grown, are very important pieces in the puzzle of food sustainability. Favorite market product: anything grown or made with love

Stephanie Ortiz, Market Manager: H Street NE

Evan Paramore, Market Manager: Uptown
Evan thinks food is the most powerful conduit for connection. The opportunity to support food-centric spaces that connect people to their community and fresh food drove Evan to FRESHFARM, where they joined the team in Spring 2021. Although Evan thinks every market is incomplete without an ice cream cone vendor, they love snagging local fruits to incorporate into their baked goods. Prior to FRESHFARM, Evan worked with the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital where they helped tell stories about a wide range of environmental issues, including local food systems and regenerative agriculture techniques. Evan is looking forward to building connection with people and being a part of these stories now! Favorite market product: a leafy stalk of Brussels sprouts

David Robinson, Market Manager: Downtown Silver Spring
David has been a volunteer at FRESHFARM (first Dupont Circle, then Downtown Silver Spring for the past decade) for at least 15 years. He’s a longtime reasonably talented amateur cook, choral singer (formerly Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, now the Choral Arts Society), and a recent retiree (association management). He lives in Silver Spring with his husband Jay and their cats, Edward and Iris. Favorite market product: asparagus — completely fresh, it’s a totally different vegetable than what you get in a grocery store

Christian Samaniego, Market Manager: Columbia Heights (Saturday)
Christian loves the farmers market environment because it reminds him of easier times when he would go with his grandma to the local farmers market with a wicker basket. Favorite market product: olives and olive oil

Willa Shiel, Market Manager: Dupont (Sunday), Foggy Bottom, Penn Quarter
Willa has worked on different kinds of farms in the past, and her favorite part is creating community around growing and sharing sustainable food. She loves being at market and getting to know vendors and community members! Favorite market product: seedy bread and flowers

Pam Simon, Market Manager: CityCenterDC, Downtown Silver Spring
Pam traces her love of markets to childhood visits to Baltimore’s famed Lexington Market with her grandmother. She was introduced to FRESHFARM on the opening day of the Penn Quarter market. After retiring from a career in Early Childhood Administration, she became a FRESHFARM volunteer in 2015, working with the Market Share program learning about issues relating to the growing of food and the food system. She enrolled in the University of Vermont’s Breakthrough Leaders for Sustainable Agriculture Program to both broaden and deepen her understanding of food systems. After nearly three years as a Downtown Silver Spring market volunteer, Pam became a market manager in 2020. She has worked with many dedicated individuals doing the hard work to support farmers and increase food access for low-income communities. Favorite market product: strawberries and peaches (for taste and fragrance!)

Chi Wang, Market Manager: Downtown Silver Spring




Katie Wiseman, Market Manager: Mosaic (Sunday)


Jeslyn Zakes, Market Manager: Arlington
Jeslyn started working with FRESHFARM’s FoodPrints program for her work study position during her junior year of college and has been with the organization ever since! She is continually inspired by the lengths that community members will go to support each other, especially surrounding food, health, and education. Favorite market product: heirloom tomatoes


Substitute Market Managers: Anna Baremore, Junior Bonilla, Xavier Bure Quijano, Hannah Kline, JaNeya Lee, Daniela Mrabti, Andra Naing, Catherine Oberfield, Rachel Peddie, Stacey Pirtle, Laura Popielski, Caila Prendergast, Yael Reichler, Julian Ruble