FoodPrints Curriculum

Growing with the Seasons


Growing Food Through the Seasons

Standards Alignment:

Common Core ELA

Grade Level:

3rd Grade


Spring / May


The purpose of this lesson is for students to review the concept of seasonality and to learn that the food that grows in our garden changes with the seasons while grocery stores often have the same foods throughout the year. Students will sort FoodPrints recipes by season, enjoy sampling produce from the spring garden and write poems about a favorite vegetable. This lesson supports the DCPS 3rd grade ELA Unit Washington, D.C.: It’s Right Outside My Door and the Social Studies Unit Living Local: DC Geography.​


Big Idea

The foods we grow locally change with the seasons.

Guiding Questions

  • Why can we grow different foods in different seasons?
  • Why do we try and eat locally grown and seasonal food?

Instructional video geared for students to support teaching this lesson