FoodPrints Curriculum

Evolving Foodways


Food History & Technology

Standards Alignment:

Common Core ELA

Grade Level:

5th Grade


Fall / October


The purpose of this lesson is to study how the movement of people in the United States impacted their foodways or eating and cooking practices. Students will learn how the foodways of Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and European Colonists evolved during the time of Western Expansion. They will practice traditional methods of making flour from a variety of nuts and grains, drying herbs, and saving seeds. This lesson connects to the DCPS 5th grade ELA Unit Westward Expansion and Social Studies Unit, Problems and Perspectives on Progress: Westward Expansion.

Big Idea

Foodways evolve through the movements of people.

Guiding Questions

How has migration and displacement influenced the American diet?
What are some ways that food traditions evolve?