Stewed Tomatoes and Okra with Fried Egg


Boil okra (stem on if you wish to contain the slimy* texture inside) for 5-7 minutes while you get yourself set up with everything else.  Run frozen tomatoes under warm water to easily remove and discard skin.  Set tomatoes aside.

In a heavy bottom pan, add olive oil and add onion.  cook on medium heat until onions soften/become translucent (approx 5-7 min).

Add tomatoes to pan.  They will slowly cook down, use a fork to pull apart once melted down.  Strain okra from boiling water and add them to the pan. add salt and pepper to your liking, toss well.  Turn heat down and allow tomato sauce to reduce and okra to slow simmer and caramelize a bit (approx 15 min – lid on).

Serve alone or top with a fried egg and/or crumbled feta cheese!

*tip – adding a teaspoon or two of white vinegar while boiling flavors okra and also is said to help reduce the slimy feel