Market Share

What’s In Your Market Share This Week?

Sep. 26, 2022

Asian Pears have been in the Market Share recently and there are other kinds that you may see throughout the fall.

Asian Pears are crisp like apples which is likely why another common name is, apple pear. They are juicy due to their high water content but also grainy and are delicately sweet. The texture will remain firm ripe unlike American and European pears.

Bartlett Pears are bell shaped and one of the most popular varieties. This is a unique pear that skin changes as it ripens. The bright green color will taste tart and crunchy and will fade to different shades of yellow as it softens.

Refrigeration will slow down the ripening process. Leave your pears at room temperature and enjoy your super juicy treat.

Here are some ways to satisfy your sweet tooth:

Try out these activities to get the whole family involved:



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