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What’s In Your Market Share This Week?

Aug. 19, 2022

Staying hydrated during summer can be difficult at times. Try eating these melons for a refreshing snack.

Cantaloupes are beige with a hard textured outer rind. The inside is bright orange with the seeds clustered in the center.

  • Cantaloupes are 90% water and filled with electrolytes.
  • Packed with 100% of the daily value for vitamin C and A. Vitamin
  • C helps protect your cells from damage and vitamin A helps keep your immune system healthy.
  • Contains other minerals such as potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.

Watermelons are green with a smooth but thick outer rind. The flesh is usually bright red but can also be yellow with seeds throughout.

Watermelons are 92%, making it a great snack for water intake.

Very low in calories but filled with numerous nutrients, such as vitamin A and C. Potassium and magnesium, which supports muscle and nerve function.

Red watermelon also contains Lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps keep our immune system healthy

Honeydew has a smooth creamy yellow rind. The flesh is light green with the seeds gathered in the center.

  • Honeydew melons are 90% water and contain electrolytes, such as calcium and magnesium
  • High levels of vitamin C and potassium.
  • Contains vitamin K and folate which are vital to bone health.

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