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Announcing New Executive Director and Merger for FRESHFARM

Oct. 29, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Hugo Mogollon, Executive Director of Community Foodworks, has accepted the position of Executive Director of FRESHFARM. With this leadership transition, FRESHFARM and Community Foodworks are merging into a single organization under Hugo’s leadership and the FRESHFARM brand.

Since 2015, Community Foodworks has pioneered innovative strategies aimed at creating an equitable and resilient food system, where all residents can afford fresh produce, producers and farmers can support their livelihoods, and sustainable farming and labor practices produce a stable source of income.

Community Foodworks has become a key regional player, growing to 15 markets across DC and Virginia, including underserved communities in Wards 7 and 8. In addition, their pioneering Pop-Up Food Hub model has grown from a small pilot in 2016 to delivering weekly fresh, local produce to 52 community-based organizations reaching more than 1,250 toddlers, 250 seniors, and 100 low-income families.

FRESHFARM has been an influential force in the promotion of sustainable agriculture and food access in the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1997. Recognized locally and nationally as a leader in school-based nutrition education and providing farmers with access to educational and professional development opportunities, FRESHFARM’s strengths and those of Community Foodworks are effective complements.

Motivated by a deep desire to grow and accelerate this positive impact, FRESHFARM and Community Foodworks see this merger as a natural, strategic step to more effectively leverage our capabilities and passion for the same mission. We want an equitable food system in the Mid-Atlantic region and see farmers markets as vehicles to promote sustainable agriculture, improve food access for the community, and enhance market opportunities for farmers and producers.

You know well that nothing surpasses the power of a farmers market to connect local farmers with consumers and to help communities access healthy, local food. This is how we continue to build a sustainable food system.

A strong FRESHFARM will make this a reality for more communities in the Mid-Atlantic. We are excited for this new era and look forward to having you be part of it!

If you have any questions, please contact Molly Scalise, Director of Communications & Outreach, at

Hugo Mogollon + the FRESHFARM team

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