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Stakeholders Share Their Support for FoodPrints

Jan. 19, 2023

Students Say they Love FoodPrints

Last November and December, more than 100 parents, students, and teachers across our 19 partner schools wrote to Mayor Bowser in support of FRESHFARM FoodPrints. They say FoodPrints supports their school’s mission and learning goals, strengthens teamwork and social-emotional skills, and transforms students’ ideas about food.

At John Burroughs Elementary School, third graders wrote ‘friendly letters’ in their social studies unit to Mayor Bowser to share how much they love FoodPrints (and what their favorite veggies are).

DCPS Staff Say FoodPrints Helps Meet School Goals

In the spring of 2022, we held focus groups and surveys where DCPS educators shared that their school’s missions and learning goals connect directly with the work being done in FoodPrints classrooms. Along with supporting students academically, they showed appreciation for the joyful experiences FoodPrints provides to students, giving opportunities for forming positive associations with school and learning.


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