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FoodPrints Memories shine a light on how the program instills Joy, Healthy Habits, and Academic Rigor across the District

Feb. 5, 2020

Throughout the month of January, students, parents, and staff members shared their favorite memories and stories from their experiences with the FoodPrints program. These memories and stories show how FoodPrints has positively impacted the lives of students and community members throughout the District. 


FoodPrints provides a joyful space in which students are valued, encouraged, supported, and believed in. 

“When I first walked in the room, I smelled cilantro, lime, garlic, pepper, and basil. I heard kids laughing and interacting in a good way. I seen kids smiling…” – Langley ES Student

“When we were eating all these foods and trying them as a family, we show each other kindness and show we can work with each other. I know we are safe in FoodPrints.”  – Langley ES Student

“Finally, we have fun. That is good because kids need to have some in school…” -Watkins ES Student


FoodPrints supports DCPS by educating the whole child – encouraging students and families to cultivate habits that lead them to live long, healthy, successful lives.

“FoodPrints is important to me because it taught me to eat healthy and not hot takis and hot cheetos. My favorite memory of FoodPrints is when we made curry and kale salad and pumpkin bread.”  – Anne Beers ES Student

 “…the children are more likely to try and request foods while making healthy choices in Foodprints!  It has not only made a difference in my child’s life but it has in our families as well!” -Ludlow Taylor ES Parent

“‘I LOVE KALE’…. I never could have ever thought a child of mine would say those words.”  -Ludlow Taylor ES Parent


FoodPrints educators provide students with hands-on lessons that foster a love for science, math, literacy, and the environment.

“FoodPrints is important to me because it helps me care more about the environment. Now I try to think about how I can help the Earth.” -Watkins ES Student

“FoodPrints classes serve as an opportunity for students to ask questions, make connections, build upon prior knowledge and develop eating habits that they need for healthy adulthood.  I want to be clear that FoodPrints is more than just fun in the classroom kitchen. Students are provided with an opportunity to work together, ask questions and think critically.” -CW Harris Principal, Heather Hairston

FoodPrints is so special for students, families, and school staff because it is a place where delicious food is enjoyed together, learning is encouraged and enjoyable, and laughter rings throughout the room. As SWS Alumni Amelia wrote in a profound poem, “We bake and we make, we cook on our own in the foodprints palace, a place that smells like home.”

Poem about FoodPrints by SWS Alum


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