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Celebrating Farm to School Month with FoodPrints Students at Kimball

Oct. 28, 2022

FoodPrints Celebrates Farm to School with USDA and OSSE leadership

We were thrilled to host leaders from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education, and DC Public Schools to celebrate Farm to School Month with a Kindergarten FoodPrints class at Kimball Elementary School.

Administrators Cindy Long and Dr. Patty Bennett and Roberta Hodson from USDA; Liz Leach and Beth Hanna from OSSE, and members of the DCPS Food and Nutrition Team joined us for the lesson on Seasons of the Garden and to make – and eat – Sweet Potato Quesadillas.

“In-School” Field Trips

Administrator Long was impressed with the FoodPrints “in-school field trip” model and how cooking skills were scaled for all age levels, even starting with the youngest students. “The experiential education ties into the metrics for academic accountability. It is an effective strategy,” she commented.

They also heard from Kimball students and teachers speak about farm to school along with Principal Dabney:

“It is educational. We learn new tastes and skills.” – Amaya Rutherford, 4th grader

“It helps you try new things, learn about new foods – and you have to work before you can eat.” – Chase Mack, 4th grader

“The FoodPrints program is responsive to our school needs in the way academics are integrated. It is not taking away from academics – it’s the type of program we seek for our students and we are fortunate to be able to build it in every month for our students. It is a true collaboration – and part of our school.” – Eric Dabney, Principal

“With such demands on teaching, FoodPrints classes are a relief – with hands-on learning that is still supporting our instructional practice because FoodPrints classes tie into the units of study I am teaching in my classroom. I have also personally learned alongside FoodPrints teachers – and I now make Frittatas and Pesto Pasta at home.” – Deon Bolden, Kindergarten teacher

“Buy-in from classroom teachers comes when you experience a FoodPrints class – and collaboration with the FoodPrints program. Students gain self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment that translates into the regular classroom.” – Nadia Torney, Instructional Coach

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