S.E.E.D. Circle

The S.E.E.D. (Sustain | Empower | Educate | Dedicate) Circle is a community of monthly supporters dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring everyone in our region has access to fresh food, regardless of their background. We’re thankful to have you here.

Think of your first monthly gift like planting a seed. With each passing month, your support will grow like the beautiful Golden Delicious Apple trees native to our region and nourish a whole community. A commitment of just $25 per month will feed a family of four with 10 weeks of seasonal, local produce.

Monthly giving is the best way to have a consistent impact. The set-up is easy and requires no further action beyond your first transaction, and you can know that you are making a meaningful difference in the lives of local children, families, and seniors throughout the year.

S.E.E.D. Circle Monthly Giving Levels

$25 (Sustain) – Promote food access in your community. A monthly gift of $25 benefits an underserved family of four with 10 weeks of locally-sourced, seasonal produce.

$50 (Empower) – Keep farmers markets inclusive for everyone. Your gift gives federal nutrition benefit shoppers (SNAP, EBT, WIC, Senior FMNP) double the purchasing power at market to bring more fresh, nutritious food home to their families.

$100 (Educate) – Support five FoodPrints students with a year of nutrition and garden education programming. Growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating fruits and vegetables from their school gardens fosters a positive relationship between students, the earth, and local food.

$250 (Dedicate) – Transform communities with local food. Building a resilient and safe food system that works for everyone takes hard work and dedication. We are all part of this special ecosystem, and we need supporters like you to inspire real change.

Become a S.E.E.D. Circle member today and get access to the following:

  • Quarterly newsletter that keeps you updated on our work and the impact of your gift
  • Special access to FRESHFARM community events
  • Exclusive discount to the FRESHFARM Feast event
  • Invitations to tour farmers markets, Pop-Up Food Hub packing sites, and FoodPrints school gardens


“I am committed to supporting organizations and initiatives that contribute to access to fresh food, sustainable agriculture, community development, and addressing the flaws in the food system in general. I’ve known FRESHFARM and its work for many years, and I’m certain my money is put to great use. I trust the team at FRESHFARM will do anything in their hands to fulfill the mission.”
– Lina S.

“I don’t think I fully realized the high yield impact of sustained giving until I became a monthly donor. For many years, I would donate on an ad hoc basis to different non-profits without understanding that to support organizations like FRESHFARM, monthly donations are essential to funding educational programs and food access programs all year round.
– James H.