Pasta with Colorful Marinara

Delicious pasta with veggie-full marinara sauce


Drain the tomatoes (save the liquid for another use like soup— it can be frozen) into a pot and simmer with the tomato paste and beans until thickened (about 20 minutes). Stir in the spices and herbs.

In a large sautĂ© pan or pot, warm the olive oil for a few minutes on medium – low heat.

Add the chopped onions and let them cook on medium heat until translucent before adding the celery and carrots. Turn up the heat to medium – high and cook until onions are beginning to brown. Stir occasionally.

Next add the garlic and the peppers, stir to incorporate them in to the mixture. Let them cook for a few minutes before stirring in the eggplant, let cook a few minutes and then add the zucchini. Cook until vegetables are tender, about 15-20 minutes.

Add the tomato mixture to the vegetables, stir to combine, and taste to check the seasonings before adding the pasta.

Toss all together and enjoy.

Inspired by a recipe from Wellness In The Schools