Root Vegetable


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Region of Origin:

Southeast Asia, Europe


Radishes are a root vegetable found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Some of the most common varieties include:

  • European radish – Has a tiny, globe-shaped root in red, pink and purple, and is most commonly found in bunches at the supermarket. It has a mild flavor.
  • Daikon radish – A variety widely cultivated through East Asia, it is a very large, cylindrical-shaped root that is mostly white but often with some light green color toward the tip. It has a sweet, mildly spicy flavor.
  • Watermelon radish – A specialty type of daikon radish with green skin and bright pink color on the inside, it ranges in size from that of a golf ball to a baseball. It also has a sweet, mildly spicy flavor.
  • Black radish – This variety is black on the outside and white inside, and can be round or carrot-shaped. It has a deeper, more noticeably spicy flavor.

How to Prep

Thinly slice. Use as a garnish in salads, add to soups or stews, or sauté with butter and seasonings for 2-3 minutes.


Remove leaves and store radishes in a plastic bag or storage container. European radishes will keep for a week or longer, while larger varieties can keep for several weeks.