Edible Seeds & Pods



Region of Origin:

Africa, Asia


While all parts of the okra plant are edible, the pods are most commonly eaten. They appear as long, fuzzy, slender-shaped pods with green or purple colors. Select pods that are about the size of an adult thumb.

How to Prep

Wash and then trim off the stem ends, right along the edge where it connects to the pods.

Okra is known for its slimy texture. Here are tips to help reduce the sliminess:

  • Keep the pods whole
  • Cook with acids–lemon juice, tomatoes, vinegar, etc.
  • Cook on high heat
  • Slice and soak in ice water before using.
  • Embrace the sliminess by throwing okra in a stew (like jambalaya) as a thickening agent!
  • Slice and fry it


Place okra pods inside a brown paper bag before storing in the fridge.