Paris, VA

Ovoka Farm

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Ovoka Farm is a woman-owned and operated Wagyu Cattle farm in Fauquier County. Similar to its Kobe beef cousin, Wagyu beef is loved for its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness from its naturally intense marbling. Ovoka Farm personally hand-raises their special breed of cattle on vast pastures served by deep aquifers to ensure the best and most humane life at Ovoka. Their cattle are finished on all-natural and non-GMO grains, custom blended by industry-leading experts for Wagyu’s special dietary needs.

In addition to breeding their full bloods, Ovoka Farm also single-crosses their Wagyu Bulls with Angus mamas (that’s the F1 designation or 50/50 mix) to achieve steaks with a more robust flavor from the Angus influence, yet still so very tender from the Wagyu’s interstitial marbling. Ovoka Farm’s goal is to make their F1 Wagyu beef accessible to everyone, so they cut innovative, tender, delicious steaks from the entire animal to reach every price point.

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