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Welcome Back, Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand!

Jun. 5, 2023
Mid-Atlantic Grain Specialists ready to answer questions about local grains

In 2022, Common Grain Alliance and FRESHFARM joined forces to pilot the Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand at our Dupont Circle market, offering local grains and pantry staples from a range of regional growers all under one tent. Last year, we watched shoppers get curious about local grains, discover new grains, and come back the next week for more! We are so excited to welcome the Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand back to Dupont Circle starting this Sunday, June 11th, through the end of December. 

Elevating Regional Grain Producers and Driving Demand for Local Grains

Bag of locally grown and milled pancake mix available at the Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand The Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand features grains and staple foods such as pasta, rice, rolled oats, pancake mix, beans, corn meal, flour, and grits sourced from farmers and millers across the region. The goal of the stand is to grow and sustain the businesses of farmers, millers, bakers, and grain artisans in the Mid-Atlantic region, many of whom lack the staff capacity to come to a farmers market every weekend to sell. At the same time, the Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand introduces our market community to local and healthful grains, both driving demand for these crops and products and, by extension, supporting the regional grain economy. 

Look for the orange Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand tent at the FRESHFARM Dupont Circle Market and swing by to say hello! Our Grain Specialists are there every Sunday to help you with your purchases, provide storage tips and recipe ideas, and tell you the stories of farmers, millers, bakers, and grain artisans that make Mid-Atlantic grains so special and delicious.

Mid-Atlantic Grain Stand: 2022 By The Numbers 

Check out these auspicious 2022 stats. Come visit us this season and do your delicious part to create a strong regional grain shed! 

  • 12 Market days
  • 6 Participating farmers, millers, bakers, and grain artisans
  • $12.2K Net revenue to participating farmers, millers, bakers, and grain artisans — that’s 97% of total revenue directly to producers!
  • 38 Unique items offered to curious carb-loving shoppers 

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