Bridging the gaps between food access and food education

Our Approach

Four principles guide FRESHFARM's approach to community engagement

Amplify Community Voices

We know that those closest to the issues are oftentimes closest to the solutions, so we provide platforms for community members to advocate for themselves. By actively gathering and incorporating partner feedback, we tailor programs to better support the communities we serve.

Pair Food Access and Education

We recognize that food access and food education must be paired in order to be effective in curbing food insecurity. Through collaborative efforts between our Pop up Food Hub and FoodPrints programs, we provide our partners a range of educational and food access offerings through delivery and subscription services and opportunities to redeem supplemental nutrition assistance benefits.

Facilitate Community Driven Solutions

Creating a safe, engaging space that is free from power dynamics takes time, intention and flexibility. By honoring the lived experiences and wisdom of individuals providing direct, hands-on services, our staff are convening and facilitating robust, multi-sector coalitions. This work helps us understand the challenges and begin the process of developing participant driven solutions to inform policy and decision making.

Provide Continued Education and Technical Support

Our approach to empowering and educating ECE providers and families starts by meeting them where they are. We build equity into our professional development offerings by providing a range of ways for participants to engage and connect including hands-on cooking instruction, information about local, seasonal foods and how to prepare then, food education for families and children and families, and consultation focused on skills and equipment to prepare fresh food.

We need to hear directly from parents as to what they feel their particular needs are.

My children adore the cooking tools. And I am extremely grateful to be part of the DC Farm to ECE family.

Don't talk at us, talk with us. Don’t swoop in and swoop out - stay with us.’