Fighting Hunger at Home

Dana Rice Group & FRESHFARM are joining forces on Fighting Hunger at Home!

FRESHFARM is thrilled to partner with the Dana Rice Group on Fighting Hunger at Home, an effort to serve families experiencing hunger and food insecurity with the food they need to get through this crisis. Help us minimize hunger and ensure families are nourished with high-quality food!

Your gift will help feed families at a time when they need it most, and support small family farmers in the region.

  • Make a donation of $40 to feed a family of four with fruits and vegetables sourced from local farms

  • Make a donation of $20 to help seniors who are struggling to access fresh food

Through the Pop-Up Food Hub, FRESHFARM connects at-risk families in DC’s most vulnerable neighborhoods to fresh food from farmers of the Mid-Atlantic region. Your donation puts food in the hands of children and seniors who need access to nutritious produce, and additional revenue in the pockets of independent local farmers.

Join the campaign today and help Dana Rice Group and FRESHFARM in Fighting Hunger at Home!



As of May 29th, the Dana Rice Group has raised $9,134.87 for FRESHFARM! Many thanks to the following donors:

Nora Achrati

Margaret Anderson

Melissa Bach

Rohini Battu

Margaret Bender

Jonathan Block

Marina Bowsher

Jamie Brown

Victoria Brown

Heather Ceresini

Megan Conway

Cait DeBaun

Allison Fitzpatrick

Jennie Fogarty

Amy Fox

Hallie Fralin

Kate Fralin

William Fralin

Josiane Gabel

Reshma Gardner

Rebecca Goldman

Barbara Haardt

Jonathan Hill

Lisa Hochheiser

Sarah Howard

Davida Kales

Karen Kelly

Alison Lieberman

Kim Loving

Kathleen McDermott

Daniel McNeil

Erika Newell

Kathleen Norris

Debbie Oakley

Catherine Hand ODell

Beth Marie O’Laughlin

Hope Page

Phil Petrilli

Geoffrey & Hope Platt

Doireann Renzi

Dana Rice

Eric Rosenkranz

Rene Schleicher

Meg Shematz

Rachel Svoboda

Karen Thornton

Debra Tropp

Emily Warke

Laura Werber

Sharon Whitehouse

Clayton Williams