Newburg, PA

Keswick Creamery at Carrock Farm

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Cheese & Dairy


Keswick Creamery is a 100 acre family-owned dairy farm near Newburg, Pennsylvania, in the beautiful Cumberland Valley. Keswick produces a variety of handcrafted farmstead cheeses and yogurts, such as aged raw milk cheese and fresh Ricotta or Frischkase (a cross between fresh cheese and homemade yogurt).

The property has hosted registered Jersey cows since 1974! Keswick’s cows graze unconfined on untreated pastures in the summer and feast on dried hay in winter. This diet lends Keswick’s dairy products a natural creamy yellow color. The farm employees organic practices in maintaining the property (no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers). Its cows are never given growth hormones, nor are their tails docked.