Caring for Plants at Home

Over the last few weeks of FoodPrints Anywhere, we have shown you different ways of planting seeds at home – in toilet paper rolls, newspaper pots, even plastic bags! If you have planted seeds, you may have a seedling by now. Today, we want to share our favorite ways to care for plants at-home.

Believe it or not, humans and plants aren’t that different! Just like we can take care of our bodies by choosing to eat whole grains when we can, we can care for our plants with these simple steps:

  1. Water: Keep soil damp by watering once a day when plants are little. Make sure the plant is not sitting in water, and that the container can drain. If it is still wet from the day before, skip watering that day.
  2. Soil: Plant your seedling in soil, making sure to cover all of the roots and none of the leaves. Use soil that has no rocks or other plants or bugs in it when the plant is little.
  3. Sun: As soon as your plant has leaves, it needs sunlight to make its food. Place your plant in a sunny window with some direct light. You might see your plant growing toward the window after a few days.You can turn it around so that it reaches the other way now!
  4. Air: Your baby plants need fresh air that is not too cold and not too hot. Make sure that your plant is not on top of a heater or an open window on a cool day.
  5. Love: Check on your plant every day! It will probably need water everyday, but you need to check to make sure. It might need to be moved to a different place, or need to be turned around. Or maybe it needs a bigger pot.