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2021 Turkey Round-Up

Nov. 4, 2021

Enjoy an all-local Thanksgiving this year, from turkey to sides to pie! The farmers markets have everything you need to create a beautiful holiday spread that highlights the best of the region. And what would a locally sourced Thanksgiving be without a beautiful local turkey as the centerpiece? Pre-order your turkeys now for pick-up before Thanksgiving — and act quickly, because these birds go fast! The following farmers currently have turkeys available:

Country Vittles from Critter Hill Farm: Free-range, antibiotic-free, all-natural white Nicholas breed turkeys delivered fresh not frozen from a small family farm; 12 – 28 lbs.; $5.75 / lb. with a $20 deposit. Turkey parts are also available for pre-order. To place an order for your turkey please call or text Chasity at 410-596-2556, email or, or visit the online store. When ordering, please provide a weight range for the turkey you would like to receive. Please place your order by Saturday, November 13 for pick-up at the Uptown Uptown or Columbia Heights markets on Saturday, November 20.

EcoFriendly Foods: Broad-breasted white turkeys for $6.85 / lb.; Heritage Bronze for $8.85 / lb.; Heritage English Bronze for $9.85 / lb. (10 – 12lb.) and $8.85 / lb. (12 – 14lb.). Order online for pick-up at the Arlington market on Saturday, November 20 and Dupont on Sunday, November 21. $50 deposit. EcoFriendly will also have half birds and cut pieces for smaller gatherings available to purchase at the market!

Garden Path Farms: place your pre-order at their Downtown Silver Spring or H Street NE market tent.

Groff’s Content Farm: Pasture-raising turkeys from a small family farm; 9 – 25+ lb. Order online for pick-up at Monroe Street on Saturday, November 20.

Holly Brook Farm: Pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, broad-breasted white turkeys; fresh not frozen; 10 – 20+ lb., $5 / lb., with a $10 deposit. Order online for pick-up at the Dupont market on Sunday, November 21.

Liberty Delight Farms: Naturally raised broad-breasted turkeys are available for pre-order; $4.49 / lb. with birds ranging in 2-pound increments from 10 – 12 lbs., 13 – 14 lbs., all the way up to 25+ lbs. Looking for something a bit different? Liberty Delight’s Chef-in-Residence, Jeff Fritz, is smoking a selection of 13 – 14lb. turkeys, which are available along with many scratch-made sides as well as a full dinner for four. Not into turkey? They also offer beef tenderloin, pork crown roasts, ham roasts, leg of lamb roasts, and standing rib roasts! Order online for pick-up at Mosaic on Sunday, November 21 (other pick-up locations available). The deadline for fresh turkey pre-order is Monday, November 15, and for smoked turkey and sides is Monday, November 8.

Nappe Catering: Pre-order ready-to-reheat Thanksgiving meals featuring herb-roasted turkey breast, roasted pork loin, mushroom and leek soup, Greek quinoa salad, garlic butter mashed potatoes, and holiday roasted vegetables. Email to place orders by Monday, November 22, for pick-up at the Reston market on Wednesday, November 24.

Sunnyside Farm: Pasture-raised, fresh not frozen turkeys; 14 lb. range (some will be larger and some will be smaller); $6 / lb. with a $40 deposit. Place orders at market or email for pick-up at the Mount Vernon Triangle market on Saturday, November 20.

Windmill Meadows Farm: Free-range, pasture-raised broad-breasted white turkeys; fresh not frozen; 10 – 12 lb., 13 – 18 lb., and 18+ lb. available; $3.50 / lb. Place pre-orders at market by Saturday, November 13.

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