Kitchen Sink Salad

Use up those veggies in the fridge for a customizable salad


The idea behind this salad is to use up the miscellaneous ingredients you have in the kitchen and garden to create a unique and delicious salad. Consider the ingredients and dressings below more like a “salad bar” than a recipe: add what you like and omit what you don’t!

Greens                               Veggies/Fruits                           Protein
Lettuce                               Carrots                                        Lentils

Arugula                              Chickpeas                                  Black beans

Spinach                              Raisins                                   Sunflower seeds 

Baby kale                          Radishes                                Hard-boiled eggs

                                         Snap peas                              Cooked quinoa


                                      Steamed broccoli      

                                     Grated or pickled beets Onions

                                      (raw or caramelized)