Sebastian Muenchrath, Pop Up Food Hub Operations Manager
Sebastian oversees and optimizes the on-site operations of the farmers market-based Pop Up Food Hub. Before joining the Pop Up Food Hub Team in 2019, Sebastian worked as the Production Lead for Number 1 Sons, a family-owned fermented and pickled food producer in Northeast DC. Sebastian is driven by FRESHFARM’s missions to bolster the region’s local food economy by improving access to locally produced food for both individuals and community organizations. Favorite market product: delicata squash

Jennifer Luu, Pop Up Food Hub Associate Operations Manager

Emily Patete, Pop Up Food Hub Procurement Manager
Emily procures produce from local farmers for distribution through the Pop Up Food Hub. She has a background in managing the production and sale of food. Her coolest jobs working in food were working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and managing a microgreens farm in Virginia. Emily has a dedicated interest in agriculture, the food supply chain, and the environment. She has a passion for healthy fresh food and helping others. Favorite market product: blueberries

Julian Kroboth, Pop Up Food Hub Procurement Manager
Julian manages procurement and distribution for the Pop Up Food Hub with participating producers in the FRESHFARM network. Julian has been with the Pop Up Food Hub since 2017, working with both producers and customers of local food and providing services that help both groups. Growing up in central Virginia, local agriculture was all around him, and when he moved across the country to Oregon for college he experienced much of the same, with a regional emphasis on sustainable production. Moving to DC after graduation, Julian started working at Mom’s Organic Market as a Produce Manager, and observed firsthand the challenges in our local food system. Julian is inspired by multicultural working-class solidarity and courageous empathy. Favorite market product: yellow peaches

Lizzie Ferrante, Pop Up Food Hub Associate Program Manager

Eva Shpak, Pop Up Food Hub Operations Associate

Hanna Yangilmau, Pop Up Food Hub Operations Associate

Aminat Adebule, Farm Stand Supervisor 

Danielle Corbin, Kenilworth Farm Stand Manager
Danielle was inspired to work with the Pop Up Food Hub after her husband worked with the team for four years. She enjoys working with the different farmers and ethnic groups that attend the farm stand. Being a farm stand manager has helped her learn more about the different types of fruits and vegetables available in our region.

Yolanda Gayden, Kenilworth Farm Stand Manager

Melissa Stewart, Cesar Chavez Farm Stand Manager

JaNeya Lee, Cesar Chavez Farm Stand Manager

Alicia Gaskins, Community Program Associate

Ebony Lancaster, Community Program Associate

Pop Up Food Hub Support Staff: Junior Bonilla, Zayan Haq, Jack Jensen Miller, Hank MacDonald, Joaquin Mogollon Santiana, Christian Samaniego